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About EH Gaming

About EH Gaming

EH Gaming has come about through a shared passion of tabletop gaming, board games and card games between among family and friends.

We decided to create the EH Gaming site to share our thoughts on games that we love or at least games that we think deserve some content being created. Together, we play a lot of games and we also introduce friends and other family members to new games as often as possible. When something appears to go down well then we will write about it. Only the games that have genuinely provided a fun or engaging experience get covered. That said, if we stumble across something that we think is absolutely awful then we will let you know.

The middling games or the very average are unlikely to make it to the site, and we certainly won’t be selling any of those in our small online store. We only sell the games we love to play ourselves, or we will only stock scenery or accessories that we think offer great value.

We’ve launched the online store to try and help us fund our own gaming experience and any money we make will be reinvested in purchasing new games or accessories to try out and share our opinions on. We have created some EH Gaming merchandise in the hope that, over time, other people will be proud to wear the logo as we are and we have tried to source products that a tabletop or board gamer will find useful in their travels, day to day life or during games.

We are fully aware though that the EH Gaming logo will mean nothing to you unless we stay true to our promise to share the games and products that are good or great and if we contribute to the gaming community in a positive and respectful manner. If you ever think that we are missing a point or straying away from our mission then please feel free to send us a message and help keep us on the right path.

Thank you for visiting…