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20 Second Showdown – Big Potato Games

20 Second Showdown – Big Potato Games

20 Second Showdown – Big Potato Games

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Welcome to the ultimate showdown – your team versus their team in a fast and furious game of ridiculous challenges.

Flip the timer, read our your challenge and race to complete it as fast as possible. Once you’re done, flip the timer back over and read out a new challenge to put the other team in the hot seat. First team to run out of time, loses!

Split into two teams and tip the timer so there’s an equal amount of sand in each half. Then, shuffle the deck of Challenge Cards and place them on the table.

To get the full experience, you’ll want to pick a referee for the round. They’ll be in charge of reading out the Challenge Cards and keeping an eye on the timer.

Pick a player to enter the hot seat, read out a Challenge Card and flip the timer. There’s all sorts of challenges in there, from ‘Pick up a plant and hug it’ to ‘Run around the table twice’ – so you better be ready for anything.

As soon as the player’s finished, flip the timer over and read out a Challenge for the next team.

Keep going back and forth, changing the player in the hot seat every time your team faces a new challenge. The first team to finally bite the bullet and run out of sand, loses the round.

Now they have to reset the timer for the next round – whilst the winners parade around like the heroes they are.

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  • Fast and frantic fun for friends and family! With up to 20 players you can get the whole family involved – even that relative whose name you can’t remember!

    Ages: 10+
    Players: 5 to 20
    Time to play: 20 minutes