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Bucket of Doom – Big Potato Games

Bucket of Doom – Big Potato Games

Bucket of Doom – Big Potato Games


The Death-Dodging Party Game
Ever wondered how you would escape if you were swallowed by a whale or buried alive in an airtight coffin… with only an angry beaver and a foot-long hot dog to help you? Well, we’ve got something special for you. A delightfully dark party game known as Bucket of Doom.

The game begins with a single scenario card. These cards describe a wealth of troublesome scenarios, such as “You wake up and you’re the back-end of a human centipede” or “You’re a sperm and you’re not winning this race”.

Upon reading out the scenario, you are all (unfortunately) placed into peril. Each player has eight object cards at their disposal. The challenging part, however, is that these objects tend be as useless as possible, such as a “Duck Whistle” or a “Valentine’s Card for someone called Ian”.

Armed with your arsenal of impractical objects, you must devise a cunning plan to escape the scenario at hand. Since the round ends with a vote for the most impressive getaway, you’ll need to get creative if you hope to come out on top.

The perfect preparation for unexpected emergencies, Bucket of Doom is a constant reminder that when the s**t hits the fan, you need a plan.

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