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Judge Dredd Block War Card Game

Judge Dredd Block War Card Game

Judge Dredd Block War Card Game


“Dredd to Control, we’ve got what looks to be the makings of a block war. I’m going to need reinforcements. From the looks of things I’m gonna need every available unit in the vicinity.”

JUDGE DREDD:BLOCK WAR is a 2-player card game based on one of the greatest story arcs in Judge Dredd history.

Players act as ‘Perps’ in their respective Blocks, when Block War breaks out. Blast the enemy, reinforce your gangs, or just drop a Boing on the Justice Department who is trying to stop you.

Each player controls 5 security gates on their side of the street. Place your gangs and open your security gates to attack and close them to defend yourself. Down on “The Street” the Justice Department has responded to the disturbance and have joined the battle. Not only are you attacking your opponent, you are attacking the Justice Department that is sworn to stop you. Strategically open/close your windows to defend yourself from the never ending onslaught that is facing you. But Watch Out! They’ve called in an H-Wagon! One shot destroys your gate, and if you’re really unlucky, you’ll face Judge Dredd Himself.

Judge Dredd: Block War includes everything you and a “friend” will need to face off against each other… and the Justice Department. With an intuitive and unique set of rules you’ll be battling it out in no time.

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  • 112 Cards
  • Instruction Booklet

Players: 2
Time To Play: 15 minutes
Ages: 14+