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Mask of Silver: An Arkham Horror Novel

Mask of Silver: An Arkham Horror Novel

Mask of Silver: An Arkham Horror Novel


Hollywood make-up artist and costumier, Jeany Lin, travels to Arkham to work on the new “nightmare movie” by enigmatic director Sydney Fitzmaurice. The star is her sister, Renee Love, Sydney’s collaborator and lover.

Desperate to outdo the thrills and terror of Lon Chaney’s popular pictures, Sydney prepares occult-infused dream sequences for Love and her co-stars to perform. But there’s more than mere imagery at play as the cast suffer recurring nightmares, accidents, and impossible waking visions.

When events take a sinister turn and people start dying on set, it’s up to Jeany to unmask the monsters before Sydney’s obsessions doom them all.

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Author: Rosemary Jones
Publisher: Aconyte
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336

About the Author
Rosemary Jones is an ardent collector of children’s books, and a fan of talkies and silent movies. She is the author of three bestselling novels in Dungeons & Dragons’ Forgotten Realms setting, numerous novellas, short stories, and collaborations.