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US F4F Wildcat Squadron (Blood Red Skies)

US F4F Wildcat Squadron (Blood Red Skies)

US F4F Wildcat Squadron (Blood Red Skies)


When the US Navy and Marine Corps entered the Second World War, they had only one effective fighter aircraft available to them: the F4F Wildcat. Fortunately, the Wildcat proved more than equal to the task of holding the line.

The Wildcat was outperformed by the lighter Japanese Zero in turning and climbing, but the Wildcat was much more robust and heavily armed than its opponent. Even when larger, more modern fighters took over the interception role, the useful little Wildcat remained in production until the end of the war.

Squadron set contains:

  • 6 x F4F Wildcat Metal Planes
  • 6 x Advantage Flying Base and extension
  • 6 x Set of double-sided Pilot Skill discs
  • 1 x Aircraft Card
  • 1 x Doctrine Card (Slashing Attack)
  • 6 x Aircraft Trait Card (Robust)
  • 1 x Aircraft markings sticker sheet

NB: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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The models are detailed 1/200th scale planes that can be easily painted for added realism to your battle.

> Download the Blood Red Skies Rules PDF