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Warhammer 40K Heroes of Black Reach Core Box (Devil Pig Games)

Warhammer 40K Heroes of Black Reach Core Box (Devil Pig Games)

Warhammer 40K Heroes of Black Reach Core Box (Devil Pig Games)


The fate of Black Reach is in your hands. Save this world for the Emperor’s glory, or rampage across it to please Gork (or Mork)!

In Heroes of Black Reach you take command of a detachment of humanity’s finest warriors – the Ultramarines of the Adeptus Astartes – or a mob of battle-hungry Orks in bitter no-holds-barred firefights.

By the time captain Sicarius and the Ultramarones task force arrives on the hiveworld of Black Reach, Waaagh! Zanzag controlled most of the northern continent. Take command of the Ultramarines Second Company and wipe the Orks from the planet, or listen to the rage within you and lead the Waaagh! to pillage this imperial world.

This new tactical board game by Devil Pig Games uses their very popular and excellent Heroes System, as seen in the likes of Heroes of Normandie.

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  • Ages: 14+
    Players: 2 players
    Time to play: 30 minutes


    • Rulebook
    • Campaign Booklet (8 Scenarios)
    • 12 Terrains (6 Double Sided Tiles)
    • 6 Punchboards of Characters & Units, etc
    • 20 Wooden Order Tokens
    • 4 Dice
    • 100 Action Cards