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Conquest: Dweghom Ardent Kerawegh

Conquest: Dweghom Ardent Kerawegh

Conquest: Dweghom Ardent Kerawegh

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Mighty warriors in their own right, the Kerawegh are a terror on the field not for their skill at arms, but rather for their ability to channel the faith and fervour of their brethren into harsh battlefield miracles. These savage miracles they are capable of invoking are not taught as there is nothing that resembles a church or structured faith amongst the Kerawegh. They are gifts earned at the very end of their Descent, on the very threshold of Wars primordial prison.

Those few amongst the Kerawegh who care to speak of their new-found powers almost invariably describe how the clamour of war that all Dweghom hear throughout the Descent rises to a crescendo the closer one gets to War’s prison. Standing before the Gates, they are assailed with the din of a hundred concurrent battles despite being miles underground. The wisest amongst them suspect that these are the sounds of every battle and combat being fought on the surface, somehow echoing in the threshold of War’s demesne. But what all of them will agree upon is that some portion of their own soul or psyche is moved to respond to these brutal rhythms.

Upon their return, they find themselves so intricately attuned to the din of battle that they are somehow capable to project that dreadful power onto those around them. Their already impressive martial prowess is heightened by the song of war, making them an unstoppable force whether in offence or defence.  Allies who heed their call are exhilarated by cadence of battle, each blow and cry granting them a reprieve or an opening they can exploit, while a Kerawegh’s foes hear only the screeching cries of breaking arms and the screams of the fallen, a discordant sound that saps their will to fight.

Battlefield Role: Character
Class: Medium

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  • 1 Resin Miniature
  • 1 Base
  • 1 Command Card

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