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Conquest: Dweghom Hold Raegh (Resin)

Conquest: Dweghom Hold Raegh (Resin)

Conquest: Dweghom Hold Raegh (Resin)

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To behold a Hold Raegh on the field of war is to witness a Paragon of his craft at the very pinnacle of his prowess. To rise to the position of Raegh, a Dweghom must reach a value of Aghm determined by the Mnemancers of each hold (considering the population, productivity, history and achievements of the Hold in question) while surpassing all others. In a society as militarized as the Dweghom, there is only one path that can lead to such heights: the craft of war. In the early stages of his prospective career, an aspiring candidate earns his Aghm directly: feats of arms and valour at the trials, and later the field of battle.

Rising through the ranks in the military machine of a Dweghom Hold is a very difficult process, riven with physical danger on the battlefield and traps and pitfalls in the advancement as an officer, for, the higher one seeks to rise, the lower he may fall. For this reason, many Dweghom warriors, who have earned the right to command soldiers, chose to forgo the honour and potential advancement, content instead to remain a part of the rank and file.

Battlefield Role: Character
Class: Heavy

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  • 1 Resin Miniature
  • 1 Base
  • 1 Command Card

NB: All miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.