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Conquest: Old Dominion Hierodeacon

Conquest: Old Dominion Hierodeacon

Conquest: Old Dominion Hierodeacon

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The Fall of Hazlia and his Pantheon shook even the fervent believers who would ultimately embrace the apocalyptic dogma of the Final Creed. When the voice of their god vanished after his defeat at the hands of Kleon and the Last Legion many of his followers fell into despair. However even the most zealous of his followers could hear the howling cacophony of a hundred hungering Divinities trapped within the Pyre that burns in the center of Capitas… Fallen Divinities that only need a few faithful followers, self ordained Hierodeacons, to preach their word and carry out their mission of sin that their new masters might unleash a millennia of malice and hatred upon the world.

Battlefield Role: Character
Class: Light

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  • 1 Plastic Character Miniature
  • 1 Infantry Plastic Base
  • 1 Infantry Plastic Stand
  • 1 Command Card

NB: All miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.