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Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings Rulebook V 1.5

Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings Rulebook V 1.5

Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings Rulebook V 1.5


The flagship of Para Bellum Wargames, Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings is a tabletop game of fantasy mass rank and-file battles.

With its own, fast paced system and set on an original and mature fantasy setting, with over fourteen factions weaved into the lore, Conquest was conceptualized and designed to provide to its players for years to come.

Conquest does away with player turns and army deployment. Instead, it focuses its play around the command stack mechanic, where each player determines at the beginning of the round what order his troops are going to be activated in. Coupled with a unique escalation reinforcement mechanic where light, medium and heavy troops each have their roles, the fog of war is a very real thing.

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Format: Paperback
Publisher: Para Bellum WarGames

Version 1.5 is a major rules polishing and bug fixing update. Special rules and Draw Events have been optimized with the Special Rule X allowing us to better tailor universal special rules to each individual Regiment e.g. Terrifying X, Fury X etc. Another major update is the way Decay is being resolved, being changed from a Draw Event to a Special Rule! Impact attacks and Obscuration were reworked so as to inflict a higher number of Attacks whilst the Inspired Action was rebalanced. Finally a great ton of polishing has been done, adding clarity to previous hard to interpret rules as well as standardised language to make reading and interpreting said rules easier.