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Kings of War Armada: Elf Fliers Pack

Kings of War Armada: Elf Fliers Pack

Kings of War Armada: Elf Fliers Pack

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The importance of air support has been at the forefront of naval warfare since the earliest days, when the elves first encountered hostile fleets upon the oceans. It was in battle with their age-old rivals the dwarfs that the elves, led by Aethmar, the Prince of Fathoms, first unleashed a flight of drakon riders upon the unsuspecting foe. The elves still continue their ages-long tradition of riding to war on fierce drakons, the smaller cousins of the majestic dragons. For the elves, the relationship is built on trust, and the drakons have an almost symbiotic bond with the nobles and lords who ride them to battle. Rarely seen in the skies are the wonderous elven Cloudrunners – elegant craft that defy gravity and skim the air using technology and magic bestowed upon the elves by the Celestians. The elves seemingly lack the ability to make new Cloudrunners, and so use them sparingly in times of conflict.


  • 1x Resin Drakon
  • 1 x Resin Cloudrunner
  • 2x Plastic and Resin Flier Bases
  • 2x Flier Cards
  • 1x Faction reference card

NB: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled

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