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Meeple War Board Game – CMON Games

Meeple War Board Game – CMON Games

Meeple War Board Game – CMON Games

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Meeples might seem small, but they were once mighty constructs of war…
Take on the role of a leader in Lilliput and send your mighty Meeples to destroy your rivals!

You probably don’t give Meeples much of a second thought. They’re just the little, wooden pieces used to represent figures in a board game. However, the humble Meeple has a much more interesting history than you could ever imagine. They were used by the kingdoms of Lilliput in their wars of expansion and conquest. How well will you be able to command them?

In Meeple War, you are in control of one of the kingdoms of Lilliput. You must use workers to build up your own kingdom and construct Meeples, mighty engines of destruction. Send these golems of war out into the wilderness between the kingdoms, taking advantage of the terrain to move around the board, spy on your opponents, and make sacrifices to the gods. Once in your opponent’s kingdom, use your Meeples to destroy their buildings. If you’re the first to reach six Victory Points, you are the winner and get to rule all of Lilliput.

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Ages: 14+
Players: 2 to 4
Playing Time: 30 – 60 mins
Publisher: CMON Games