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Moonstone Miniatures Game: Casual Tournament – April 2nd

Moonstone Miniatures Game: Casual Tournament – April 2nd

Moonstone Miniatures Game: Casual Tournament – April 2nd


A day of whimsical tabletop skirmish activity beckons – Moonstones have appeared in York and it is time to duke it out and claim them and enjoy riches beyond your wildest dreams…

In association with Next Generation Gaming we are proud to be organising the first ever York Moonstone Tournament which takes place on Sunday April 2nd.

We are capping at 16 players for this event while we find our feet and test the water and we are hoping you can join in and add to the atmosphere. Although this is a competitive event with prizes we are treating it as a casual tournament so the emphasis will be on enjoying the day and perhaps getting to grips a bit better with how the game plays…please, do not be put off from entering if you haven’t played much, this will be a great place to learn!

You will need models though – a roster of exactly 8, and you will choose 5 of them to play with during each match. Your models do not HAVE to be painted, though it would be nice if you can manage it between now and then and there will be a prize for the best painted miniature on the day.

How to Book Your Ticket
Next Generation Gaming, a new tabletop club in York, are managing the venue for the day and supplying tables and terrain and helping to run the events (we also have a Kings of War: Armada event taking place) and to help them continue to raise funds they will be receiving all ticket money. To book your place please send £15 by PayPal friends & family to and use “Moonstone 2nd April” as a reference with your payment.

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