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Urban Construct Wargaming Scenery Review

Urban Construct Wargaming Scenery Review
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Being gamers, there are plenty of reasons to visit the various wargame and tabletop gaming shows and expos that take place in the UK. We try to get to as many of them as real-life allows, and being based in Yorkshire we are lucky to have two excellent regional shows on our doorstep. Leeds Fiasco in October and York Vapnartak which kind of kicks off the new year of shows in early February. One of our favourite parts is the traders. Not the big brands, but the smaller one or two person businesses that seem to have the best imagination sometimes.

This year’s Vapnartak was a really good show, and of all the traders that were there it was Urban Construct that we were most pleased to discover as they have a really good and wide range of scenery and terrain that perfectly hit the spot with our Walking Dead All Out War obsession. All very reasonably priced too…

Corrugated barrier scenery

tin walls scenery

Security fences and wrecked cars

These were the display models on their stand – as you would expect everything comes as unpainted resin models and we happily spent half our show budget at their stand. Here is the corrugated security barrier shown above in the nude…

Urban Construct tabletop scenery

As well as buying a few of these and some of the wire security fences, our favourite purchase is really simple and straightforward and it is these roughcast concrete barricades. Looking forward to getting these painted up but they have been working fine as they are for the last few months of game play as they kinda look like rough concrete already! A decent sized bag with eight pieces in was only £5.

Urban Construct concrete barricades scenery

Urban Construct also do a very good range of scenery for fantasy games and for general wargames too. Here are a couple of fantasy pieces that we picked up with Lord of the Rings in mind and maybe Sigmar…

urban construct fantasy scenery

Urban Construct fantasy ruined wall

Urban Construct stone archway scenery

We were also really impressed with their trenches and this large bunker which comes as a simple to use three part piece with a roof…

Urban Construct bunker scenery

So we bought one up with future games of Bolt Action in mind, which is a new game for us in 2018. Here are the bare resin parts awaiting some time to paint them up…

Urban Construct bunker in resin

Bunker with roof support

Urban Construct wargame scenery bunker with roof

Prices are great, sculpts are really good. Urban Construct are one of our finds of the year so far and you can find out more about them on the Urban Construct website.