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Battlefield In A Box Wargaming Scenery – Chieftan’s Hut Review

Battlefield In A Box Wargaming Scenery – Chieftan’s Hut Review
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I’m not sure what the score is with the wargaming and tabletop industry at the moment with regards to scenery and terrain manufacturers. If you have seen our piece about Conflix wargaming scenery then you will already be aware of the frustration that comes with buying into a range of scenery only to find out that hardly any of it is available to purchase any more.

Well, I am getting the same feeling with Battlefield In A Box scenery by Gale Force Nine…

This Chieftan’s Hut is really top notch scenery and scaled perfectly for Age of Sigmar and could easily be used for Kings of War, The Hobbit and any other 25mm to 32mm tabletop wargames.

Chieftan's Hut wargame scenery

Like everything in the Battlefield in a Box range it comes pre-assembled and pre-painted. Glorious!

The detail on the paint job is really well done and the sculpt is excellent and it is a good weight and very solidly put together.

Chieftan's Hut in detail

Chieftan's Hut wargame building

This piece is readily available in most stockists at the moment, but trying to find the Bestial Huts that go with it is proving to be another joyless waste of time! Gale Force 9 taunt me every time I look at the box…

Chieftan's Hut by Battlefield in a Box

“Combine the BB539 Bestial Huts with the BB540 Chieftans Hut to make a larger Bestial Camp”!!

I’d love to…I really want to as you appear to make really fine scenery, but no shops appear to sell it and your main UK distributor tells me that they are no longer being manufactured!!

I am also interested in their range of Badlands scenery as I think it would work really well with my Barren Wastelands FAT Mat, but the distributor told me that those pieces are no longer being shipped to them either so rather than be stuck with one or two pieces that match nothing else I am going to give BIAB a complete body swerve and look for wastelands scenery from a supplier who looks like they might be sticking with a range for at least the next year!

I can’t take anything away from the quality of this model. It’s a joy to behold on the table, but just looks a bit lonely at the moment!