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Ruins Of Osgiliath (Games Workshop) Scenery Review

Ruins Of Osgiliath (Games Workshop) Scenery Review
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Games Workshop do make great scenery. It’s not cheap, but usually it is very good. The Ruins of Osgiliath set for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit wargame actually ticks both boxes in that it is excellent and also pretty good value for money, especially as a multipack of three sets is only £40 (or £18 individually).

In the box you get two large sprues and a few pages of instructions, and building the kit is really easy. It took us around ten minutes to get the it all built up.

Ruins of Osgiliath scenery sprues

There isn’t an awful lot of gluing required for this set and the main parts of it are kept separate which gives you a lot of flexibility on the table. The largest piece is the front wall with the main archway and then there is a separate smaller piece which can be glued onto the side, but we keep ours unglued so it can be used in other layouts. The ‘back’ wall features a wooden platform which should be glued in and is a right angled piece of a decent size and then there is a separate ruined staircase.

The two statues add a bit more character and are also useful for other table layouts or games.

Ruins of Osgiliath scenery review

Ruins of Osgiliath main wall

Ruins of Osgiliath back wall

Ruins of Osgiliath Games Workshop scenery

Because time is always the enemy when it comes to building and painting scenery and miniatures, as well as testing stuff out and then trying to write about it, we took a speed-painting approach to getting our Ruins of Osgiliath set finished up and ready for the table.

We primed it light grey using a grey acrylic spray primer by Humbrol and then gave it a good all over wash of the very, very excellent and useful Stone wash by Secret Weapon. This stuff is outstanding and one of our favourite washes. The wood on the platform was sprayed with a brown acrylic spray, also by Humbrol, and then everything was given a light once over with Nuln Oil shade by Citadel.

And that was it…very simple and quick to do, just make sure you give the washes time to dry fully. We will likely revisit the set at some point in the future and add a few embellishments to it, but for now it looks great on our table and works across a number of games, not just The Hobbit.

Ruins of Osgiliath paint scheme

The ‘correct’ paint scheme though tends to lean towards the whiter stone that you see in the LOTR movies, and here is a more professionally painted example for reference.

Osgiliath Ruins pro-painted

A good looking kit, easy and quick to build and paint and doesn’t break the bank at £18 for a set. Take our tip though and buy the multi-pack of three for £40, keep one and sell the other two off for around £16 to your mates or on ebay and get one for yourself for just a few quid! It is very, very rare that Games Workshop discount anything for buying multiples unless it is a starter set. This is the only one I can think of where you can buy three for just a little bit more than the price of two so take advantage and make the maths work in your wallet’s favour.