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DeepCut Studio Blood Bowl Pitch Review

DeepCut Studio Blood Bowl Pitch Review
EH Gaming

We are big fans of Blood Bowl at EH Gaming, and it is something of an obsession that we seem to need to buy up any star players and accessories as soon as they become available…even when we clearly can’t afford it.

We were at the relaunch of Blood Bowl in November 2016 and were intruiged by the snow pitch that they had on sale that day, but having dropped our cash on the starter set and the skaven team we figured we’d come back for the extra pitch a few weeks later…

…but they sold out almost immediately, along with the limited edition skaven dice and were never to be seen again. The same happened a few months later when the Skaven & Dwarf pitch was released, only this time it sold out within the space of about five minutes on the GW website and were seemingly never to be seen again! Our obsession thankfully didn’t extend to buying them on eBay for three or four times the normal selling price!

There really is nothing wrong with the pitch that is included in the Blood Bowl starter set, but every now and again you want to change things up a little bit and add some variety into the experience. Warhammer 40K or Sigmar would become a little bit tedious if you had to play on exactly the same table every time, right?

While shambling around the UK Games Expo in 2017 we stumbled upon the DeepCut Studio stall and were really impressed with the range of gaming mats they had on display, especially their range of Blood Bowl pitches and dugouts (yay!).

Money changed hands and all was good in the world…we finally had an alternative pitch to play on.

We opted for the mousemat material as we felt it would be a bit sturdier than the PVC versions that they also sell and three months on we’re really chuffed with it.

DeepCut Studio Blood Bowl pitch review

Ignore the crinkle at the end of the pitch…it looks like one of the EH Gaming minions has rolled it up badly when it was put away a few weeks ago. Good news is that the careful application of an iron smoothes it right out and flattens it perfectly.

The pitches come in a protective case, which is a nice touch and it is a really well made zip up case with carrying straps.

DeepCut Studio blood bowl pitch protective bag

We chose the ‘Muddy Field’ design and the detail on the pitch is really good, and the squares are perfectly marked out to match the dimensions of the latest version of Blood Bowl so (as you would expect) all the basics have been covered and covered very well.

DeepCut Studio blood bowl pitch detail

Their Dug Out accessory mats are also really cool and again perfectly sized and detailed and 100% compatible with Blood Bowl.

DeepCut Studio Blood Bowl Dugouts

I’m pretty certain we paid around £35 for the pitch and two dugouts (the case was included) and it has turned out to be really good value for money. It’s also really easy to store away when the game is over as the dugouts roll up with the pitch and go back into the case…although I will be supervising the minions next time they do this so that I don’t have to get the iron out again!

DeepCut Studio do operate an online order service to the UK and EU countries on their website and there are currently ten different designs of pitches to choose from. There is currently only one design for the dugouts, but I am hoping that they eventually create some more that perfectly match with the individual pitches in the future.

Since we bought this pitch Games Workshop have re-released their skaven and dwarf pitches, and we were pleased to pick one up recently from GW and we are also led to believe that they will be re-releasing the snow pitch again this coming winter and it will include dugouts also this time around. Here’s hoping they make plenty of them, but if you want to give the card pitches a miss then we highly recommend DeepCut Studio and they do have a rather nice snow-covered Frostgrave pitch available…