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The Army Painter Wargaming Set Review

The Army Painter Wargaming Set Review
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It can be hard sometimes for a non-gamer to know what to buy for us, and sometimes we don’t actually know what we need ourselves. This accessory set by The Army Painter is actually not a bad gift idea.

All zipped up in a handy case, which has room for other stuff in it, you will find:

  • A very decent tape measure
  • 36 dice in a detachable dice bag
  • Markerlight laser pointer
  • Target Lock laser line
  • A bottle of superglue

Wargaming Set review by The Army Painter

The dice are very good quality, and it is neat that the dice bag can be detached from inside the case as it just uses strong velcro to keep it in place. There are thirty red blended dice and six green blended dice.

Wargaming set dice

The Markerlight laser pointer is just a ‘cool’ name for a standard laser pointer, but these are quite handy during a game, especially one that uses true line of sight rules. You can get the pointer down at the same level as the miniature’s head and press the button to see what the model can ‘see’, which might resolve the odd debate or argument…yes, we all know that happens.

The best tool in the pack though is the Target Lock laser line. This is the one that will solve most arguments in a heartbeat as it draws a solid laser line across the table from a model to where the player believes it can fire. Perfect for disputes over firing arcs or for other line of sight disagreements. Here’s a test we did with a Dreadnought that wants to fire at a Necron. In the first photo we can see that the Necron is in sight by pointing the Target Lock over the middle of the Dreadnought’s base and seeing the laser line running through the Necron:

Army Painter Target Lock tool

We then moved the models slightly to angles where there could be some debate and you can now see that the laser line hits the building rather than the Necron, so it is NOT a viable target in the shooting phase:

Target Lock line of sight tool

The recommended retail price is £24.99, which seems a little bit high at first glance, but if you need more dice and a new tape measure then you have around £12 covered in the price of this already which leaves the laser pointer tools which are around £7 each to buy and really should be in every player’s hobby bag, especially the target lock laser line. Glue is glue, but some is included and the case is quite large and decent, so on the whole it is a good kit and you would be happy to get one as a gift. It is worth shopping around as some of the independent gaming stores are selling these sets much closer to £20.

If you don’t need most of the other stuff then you can buy the TargetLock from Army painter direct or pretty much any friendly local gaming store.