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Marketing 101

Marketing 101
EH Gaming

Take our advice; if you are going to create a ‘fun’ video that will get watched on Facebook by over 181,000 people then make sure you actually have a finished website to send people to after the video has finished…*sob*

That’s our Marketing 101 tip!

It was a normal Thursday evening…supped a couple of beers and had a seemingly funny idea for a little video. Made it, posted it, went to bed. Woke up and saw a few hundred people had watched it and figured that was about as good as it would get…but fast forward a few more days and it had all gone a bit crackers.

EH Gaming Warhammer 40k 8th edition video

Over 181k views, over 2,400 shares and over 1,200 likes and 471 comments. We read them all, and we read all the comments on the various groups and pages it had been shared to…and there was only one salty person in among all those thousands of views and that was the biggest surprise! Probably should have quit while we were ahead, but no, finally the website is finished and live.

We are trying to bring a curated approach to tabletop miniature and board game review. We play lots, and we have our favourites but we will give pretty much anything a go. If it floats our boat then we will write about it and on the flip of that we will give a heads up if we think a game is an absolute disaster, especially if its an expensive purchase.

That said, our approach will always be to try and focus on the positives and to contribute to the gaming community in the right spirit. We are always looking for feedback, so please feel free to drop us a note if you have a comment or suggestion or if you think we got something completely wrong (or right!).