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Amelia’s Secret (Augmented Reality Escape Game)

Amelia’s Secret (Augmented Reality Escape Game)

Amelia’s Secret (Augmented Reality Escape Game)

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Transform your living room into a haunted house! Amelia’s Secret is the FIRST Escape Game in augmented reality.

You find yourself trapped in the abandoned Vonleaken mansion. A mystery hangs around this mansion. It is said that a little girl disappeared a long time ago, and that her body would never have been found… To discover Amelia’s Secret, you need to find the exit before the Mansion’s evil spirit impri.

Amelia’s Secret game mechanisms are very similar to a real escape room: you need to analyse the room and objects around you to find clues and solve enigmas. The difference here is that the room is your home, and the objects surrounding you are virtual. Through deduction and collaboration with other players, find connections in-between objects to obtain new ones that make you advance closer to the exit… To get out of your new home, you will need to discover the secret of the manor. Create a more immersive experience by turning lights off and connecting a bluetooth speaker to your device. Once the cards are placed in the room(s), the doors of the mansion are closed on you.

Experience the WORLD’S FIRST AUGMENTED REALITY ESCAPE ROOM GAME! Trapped in an abandoned mansion, you must combine your skills and hold your nerve to unravel the mystery that is Amelia’s Secret and escape! Only question is; can you handle it?

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Ages: 12+
Players: 1 to 4
Time to play: 60 minutes

  • Total immersion through traditional game components and integrated digital app
  • Turn your own gaming space into the Vonleaken Mansion using ground-breaking AR technology
  • Innovative and unique – no other Escape Room game experience comes close to this