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Raptor Board Game

Raptor Board Game

Raptor Board Game

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There is nothing more dangerous than a mother protecting her young

We have recently learned that somehow, on an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean, there is a female velociraptor living with five offspring. As a paleontologist and adventurer—as a man of science—your mission is to capture the baby raptors alive, or at least neutralise their fast, powerful, and protective mother by tranquilising her. This is chance of a lifetime—to become one of the few humans who have seen a living dinosaur. It also means engaging in a ferocious struggle with one of the most vicious predators who ever walked the earth.

Raptor is a two-player board game of strategic movement and careful planning, designed by Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti. One player takes control of a family of velociraptors; the other controls a team of brave, determined scientists. The raptors win if three of the babies escape capture or if they eradicate the scientists. If the scientists manage to neutralise the mother or capture three baby raptors, they win. Each side has its own unique actions and abilities in this quick, easy-to-learn, card-driven game where both players are simultaneously predator and prey.

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    Original price was: £43.00.Current price is: £28.99.
  • Players: 2
    Age: 10+
    Duration: Around 30/40 minutes


    • Modular game board made of 10 tiles
    • 16 sculpted plastic figurines
    • 18 Action cards
    • 9 cardboard rocks
    • 15 tokens
    • 2 player aids
    • Rulebook