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The Big Book of Cyberpunk Battle Mats

The Big Book of Cyberpunk Battle Mats

The Big Book of Cyberpunk Battle Mats

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Official Maps for Cyberpunk RED, the roleplaying game of the Dark Future from R. Talsorian Games…

Attention Adventurers! Things have just become dystopian!

The Big Book of CyberPunk Battle Mats is a collection of 60 battle mat pages in a large lay flat spiral bound volume, A4 in size per page.

Designed to provide easy access to a variety of modern, urban, near future and post-apocalyptic environments to be used for encounters. The spiral binding allows the book to be laid flat and for each two page spread to be used as a single mat. All designs have a 1″ grid either as an overlay or as part of the design.

Pages are laminated so can be drawn upon and wiped clean using wet or dry wipe markers or chalk pens. Designs are arranged so that they can be used as single pages or as part of a double page spread.

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The Big Book of Cyberpunk Battle Mats has several key features:

  • 60 Maps in a lay flat wipe clean book.
  • 360° spine allows the books to lie flat or fold completely in half
  • Play each map page individually or lay the book flat to play across the 2 complimentary opposing pages.
  • Time saver – reduces game prep time and no more drawing maps mid game.
  • Track tactical combat and immerse yourself in the adventure!

Size: A4 (8.27 × 11.69 inches)