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Conflix Wargaming Scenery Review

Conflix Wargaming Scenery Review
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Conflix wargaming scenery is outstanding. I picked up these pre-painted sets in summer 2016 and have been absolutely delighted with them ever since.

What really grates though is the lack of availability of any of the other pieces shown on the back of the box! That to one side though for a moment…


Conflix wargaming fantasy buildings

Pictured here are three sets from their fantasy range; The Keep, The Merchant’s House and The Sorceror’s House. The scale only just works at 28mm but seems to suits 25mm perfectly, making them bearable for Oldhammer and ideal for The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings (by Games Workshop) tables. These three pieces can sit very well amongst some of the scenery that Games Workshop has released, such as the Lake Town houses. The 25mm orc miniatures are included as a scale reference.

Conflix wargaming scenery buildings

They are pre-painted and beautifully done with tons of detail in the sculpt and the paint finish. They are also really well designed. The Sorceror’s House has a strange angle to the front of it which is befitting of the building’s owner and it really stands out on the table.

The Sorceror's House by Conflix

The Merchant’s House is a good sized building and would be a great centrepiece for a town street or village square.

The Merchant's House by Conflix

Finally, The Keep is another well presented building.

The Keep scenery by Conflix

All of these pieces are quite heavy as they appear to be made from very strong resin so no worries about them breaking and the paint job appears to be protected also as they haven’t been scuffed or chipped yet in the months of use and hammer that they have had.

I really enjoy building and painting scenery, but time is always the enemy and the prospect of being able to buy a complete town that was ready built and painted was really appealing and these sets just leapt out in the gaming store I found them in. Trying to expand my Conflix collection though is becoming a very frustrating venture however!

I must have spoken to over twenty friendly local gaming stores around the country and none of them have any idea whether the full range of Conflix scenery will ever come back into stock. I have spoken to one of the UK’s main wholesalers of Conflix gear (the guys who sell it to the gaming stores) and they have no idea what is going on with the company or whether their products will be properly released again! Let me share a couple of photos of the box and you will see where my frustration comes from…

The Priest’s House…perfect…just what I need!!

Aaaagggh! The House with Hay Loft, Barn, Blacksmith’s Forge, Village Tavern and extension…there’s the rest of the complete town right there and that would be a perfect LOTR table finished!!

Everywhere is out of stock and they rarely appear on eBay. It would appear that the three pieces I have got are still readily available and indeed are still in stock with the wholesaler.

Well, if you stumble across any of them while you are online or in a store then I recommend you pick them up while you can or please let me know where they are if you’re not interested!!

Whatever the story is with Conflix (sometimes known as Pocketbond) they make (or did make) really classy scenery and they were all usually reasonably priced. The Keep is the most expensive at £22.99, but everything else was around the £16/17 mark.

Damn shame…beautiful stuff 🙁