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  • EH Gaming 2024 Hobby Only Membership
    EH Gaming 2024 Hobby Only Membership

    EH Gaming 2024 Hobby Only Membership

    Regular hobby and tabletop miniature game visitors to our physical store may benefit significantly by joining the EH Gaming Hobby Membership Scheme which is a new feature for 2024. Hobby Only Membership lasts until the end of the year (midnight, 31st December) and works out at just £1.50 a month in total. The amount you pay depends on the month you join - see details further down this page. The following benefits are guaranteed for 2024 Hobby Only Members:
    • 20% discount on Warhammer, MCP, Shatterpoint, Conquest & Mantic products (other brands wherever possible)
    • Member-Only discounts on selected hobby products (e.g. paints, glue, basing materials, primers - one example is 50p extra discount off Colour Forge sprays)
    • First allocation for limited pre-order products (where stock lasts)
    • Early access to tabletop miniatures ticketed events as well as discounts off those ticket prices
    • Ability to display your pre-loved miniatures for sale in the store (subject to availability of space!)
    • Discounts on food & drinks
    • Monthly prize draw for Members
    • Other benefits may be added through the year as we think of them 🙂
    You even receive a printed membership card...because you're worth it! Please get in touch if you have any questions about our Hobby Membership Scheme. All of the above benefits, plus extra discounts on using our playspace is available to Full Members in case that plan is more suitable to you.
  • EH Gaming Rulebook Backpack

    A perfectly sized and designed backpack for transporting your rulebook and snacks to your next gaming session. Secure zippered fastening main compartment and a handy vertical zippered front compartment for accessories or your phone.
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    EH Gaming Logo Mug

    Tea, coffee or paint water? Whatever your fix this is just the receptacle you need and looks proper smart on the table, desk or paint station.
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    EH Gaming Magnetic Bottle Opener

    The EH Gaming Magnetic Bottle Opener is a cut above the rest - naturally, you can use it to remove the bottle top off a cold one, but the magnet on the handle means you can keep it on the fridge door so it won't get lost! Slim and compact design also means it is easy to carry around with you, and you just never have these things available in hotel rooms... UK shipping only £1.00 on this item
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    EH Gaming Event Backpack

    Add a dash of cool convenience to your tabletop gaming life with the EH Gaming Backpack. With a smart look and thoughtful features, this bag makes travelling to your next event or tournament an absolute breeze and fits a whole bunch of stuff in it.
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    EH Gaming Rulebook Shoulder Bag

    Go hands-free at the tournament, games club or expo with the EH Gaming Shoulder Bag. It’s great for carrying gaming rulebooks or character/reference sheets and securely closes with a zip at the top.
    Original price was: £11.99.Current price is: £8.99.
  • EH Gaming Baseball Cap

    Intimidate your opponent into the ground when you rock up to the table wearing an official EH Gaming cap. He or she will quake with fear as they take in the fully embroidered EH Gaming logo...victory will be yours before a single dice gets rolled!
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    EH Gaming Wargaming Tape Measure

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    Show your appreciation for the efforts we make at EH Gaming by taking to the table with one of our very own tape measures. It won't make you play better, but we appreciate the support! UK shipping only £2.95 on this item
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    EH Gaming Desktop Mouse Mat

    For those moments when the tabletop or board games are packed away and you turn to the PC and mouse; the EH Gaming Mouse Mat is unlikely to make you a better video gamer or level you up at work, but it looks kinda cool on the desk. UK shipping only £1.95 on this item