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    Rumbleslam Back Alley Brawl Expansion

    You want to take this outside?! Get down and dirty in the back alley because some feuds can only be solved outside of the *safe* confines of the RUMBLESLAM casinos. Back Alley Brawl is the first expansion to RUMBLESLAM. It includes new ways to play the game, compatible with the base rules and with all wrestlers. You can pick up and throw trash at your opponents, use the crowd to beat them up, and even deliver the final coup de grace and finish them off. Rules for three game modes are included in the set, including the classic Back Alley Brawl, the manic Taking Out The Trash, and the all-round madness of Super Streetslam II. The box includes no less than eleven highly detailed resin pieces to represent trash of differing weights. From a bin full of half-eaten tacos, to a cauldron of Mana Mania Muscle Maker, all the way up to Lord of Anarachy’s famous motorbike and Ronnie Salvage’s car! Each one comes with clear acrylic bases to be used as full gaming pieces in their own right, and not just awesome displays. The box also includes an Urban Ring neoprene mat for setting the scene just right. With car parking lines painted on and makeshift turnbuckles held together with barbed wire, it makes the perfect setting for a down and dirty match. Back Alley Brawl contains 11 resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled with clear acrylic bases, 1 neoprene RUMBLESLAM gaming mat, and 2 rules cards.
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    Rumbleslam 2 Player Starter Set

    Rumbleslam 2 Player Starter Set – 2nd Edition

    Welcome to the ring! The spotlights are on, the confetti cannons are loaded, and the mages have had their staffs taken away. The world of RUMBLESLAM awaits! The original game of fantasy wrestling is here. Join in on fast paced high action gaming as goblins jump off the turnbuckles, dark elves bounce from the ropes, and dwarfs pick up werewolves to throw out of the ring! This starter set includes everything you need to get started with the game, including 2 teams, playmat, rulebook, tokens, dice and more. There is over £75 of Rumbleslam kit in this set! NB: This is the 2nd Edition version with the updated & improved rulebook :)