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Vampire: The Eternal Struggle – Keepers of Tradition Reprint Bundle 2

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle – Keepers of Tradition Reprint Bundle 2

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle – Keepers of Tradition Reprint Bundle 2


The firm hand rules all

The Camarilla is an exclusive organization of vampires that speaks for and legislates its members all over the world (at least, in theory). Bound by a number of Traditions detailing the creation, behavior and destruction of Kindred, the sect also strives to hide to existence of all vampire activity from mortal eyes. This deception, called the Masquerade, is at the core of the Camarilla’s existence; the struggle to universally uphold the Masquerade is what drives much of the sect’s policy and direction.

This set is a fixed assortment of 120 cards for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle – 35 library cards and 85 crypt cards of clans Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue and the outcast Caitiff. All were first created for the original Keepers of Tradition expansion 2008, since long out of print and in great demand among players.

Note: Two of the crypt cards, Gwendolyn Fleming and Hiram “Hide” DeVries, were left out of the original Keepers of Tradition print run and are here made available for the first time.

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85 Crypt Cards:

1 x Alex Wilkins
1 x César Holfield
1 x Count Zaroff
1 x Donald Cargill
1 x Dr. Solomon Grey
1 x Freddy Gage
1 x Iris Bennett
1 x Johan Wrede
1 x Walker Grimes


2 x Allanyan Serata
2 x Andre LeRoux
2 x Bethany Ray
2 x Epikasta Rigatos
1 x Eugene
2 x Gwendolyn Fleming
1 x Kateline Nadasdy
1 x Lindsay Yates
1 x Masdela
2 x Montecalme
2 x Philippe de Marseilles
2 x Rafael de Corazon
1 x Sean Andrews
1 x Sheva Carr
1 x Thomas De Lutrius
2 x Tyler McGill
1 x Vasily

1 x Aidan Lyle
2 x Andrew Stuart
1 x Claus Wegener
2 x Dr. John Dee
1 x Ezra Hawthorne
1 x Frank Weisshadel
2 x Gabrielle di Righetti
2 x Gerald Windham
1 x Lord Ephraim Wainwright
1 x MacAlister Marshall
1 x Miguel Cordovera
2 x Mistress Fanchon
2 x Rutor
1 x Tarrence Moore
1 x Troius
1 x William Thorbecke
2 x Zane

1 x Beth Malcolm
2 x Bulscu
1 x Emily Carson
2 x Graham Gottesman
2 x Gotsdam, The Tired Warrior
1 x Gustav Breidenstein
2 x Hardestadt
2 x Hiram “Hide” DeVries
1 x Jack Tredegar
1 x Jackson Asher
1 x João Bilé
1 x Johannes Castelein
1 x Joseph DiGiaccomo
2 x Lodin (Olaf Holte)
2 x Mary Anne Blaire
1 x Pedrag Hasek
1 x Portia
2 x Victor Donaldson

35 Library Cards:

1 x Agate Talisman
1 x Arcane Appraiser
2 x Blood of Sandman
2 x Charismatic Aura
1 x Ephor
2 x Eyes of Argus
2 x Fleetness
2 x Force of Personality
2 x Kevlar Vest
2 x Light Intensifying Goggles
2 x Mouthpiece
2 x Perfect Paragon
1 x Persona Non Grata
1 x Ponticulus
2 x Rego Motus
1 x Scourge of the Enochians
2 x Steadfastness
2 x Soul Scan
1 x Target Retainer
2 x Torrent
2 x Villein