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Cyberpunk 2020 RPG: Core Rulebook

Cyberpunk 2020 RPG: Core Rulebook

Cyberpunk 2020 RPG: Core Rulebook

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The Corporations control the world from their skyscraper fortresses, enforcing their rule with armies of cyborg assassins. On the Street, Booster gangs roam a shattered urban wilderness, killing and looting. The rest of the world is a perpetual party, as fashion-model beautiful techies rub biosculpt jobs with battle armoured road warriors in the hottest clubs, sleaziest bars and meanest streets this side of the Postholocaust. The Future never looked so bad.

But you can change it. You’ve got interface plugs in your wrists, weapons in your arms, lasers in your eyes, bio-chip programs screaming in your brain. You’re wired in, cyber-enhanced and solid state as you can take it to the fatal Edge where only the toughest and coolest can go.

Cyberpunk: the original roleplaying game of the dark future; a world of corporate assassins, heavy-metal heroes and brain burning cyberhackers, packed with cutting edge technology and intense urban action. Within this book, you’ll find everything you need to tackle the mean streets of the 2000’s – in a game system that combines the best in realistic action and playability.

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