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    Gloomhaven Board Game

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    In Stock!! A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. Gloomhaven is a game of Euro-inspired tactical combat in a persistent world of shifting motives. Combining legacy and dungeon crawl elements with a card based action system players will take on the role of a wandering adventurer travelling the world. Players must work together out of necessity to clear out menacing dungeons and forgotten ruins. In the process they will enhance their abilities with experience and loot, discover new locations to explore and plunder, and expand an ever-branching story fuelled by the decisions they make. Each adventurer will even have an objective that, once completed, will allow them to retire and become characters in the world that your subsequent characters can interact with. Currently the highest ranked board game on Board Game Geek!
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    Black Powder 2 Hardback Rulebook (& FREE Miniature)

    This beautiful hardback book describes the Black Powder game and its various procedures and rules as played by the authors and their friends. The authors’ aim is to enable and encourage the reader to recreate the great battles of the 18th and 19th centuries with armies of model soldiers on the tabletop. As well as providing for the fundamentals of warfare such as the command of troops, movement on the battlefield, the effects of musketry and artillery, and the role of morale, the book includes numerous examples of further rules allowing the player to tailor games to their own preferences. In addition, twelve complete examples of Black Powder battles are included, embracing a range of conflicts throughout the period covered.
    • Battle of Elixheim – War of the Spanish Succession, 1705
    • Battle of Clifton Moor – Jacobite Rising, 1745
    • Raid on Fort Ligonier – French and Indian War, 1758
    • Battle of Chinsurah – Seven Years’ War, 1759
    • Battle of Bunker Hill – American War of Independence, 1775
    • Battle of North Point – The War of 1812, 1814
    • Quatre Bras – Napoleonic War, 1815
    • The Eve of Waterloo – Napoleonic War, 1815
    • Battle of Kernstown – American Civil War, 1862
    • Battle of Antietam – American Civil War, 1862
    • Battle of Dead Man’s Creek – Sioux War, 1876-77
    • Action on the iNyezane – Zululand, 1879
    Also, if you order direct from EH Gaming you'll get a free exclusive miniature, the Master and Commander, John Lucky! NB: Miniature supplied unpainted.
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    Black Powder 2 – Waterloo Starter Set (Warlord Games)

    Contains two armies - 136 models including infantry, cavalry and artillery - plus the full rules and an easy-start guide. This set is the ideal way to get into 28mm Napoleonic wargaming. Contents:
    • Soft back A5 version of the new Black Powder Second Edition rulebook
    • Easy start guide
    • 12 Chasseurs à Cheval
    • 48 French infantry
    • 48 British infantry
    • 24 Hanoverian Infantry
    • 1x Metal Royal artillery cannon
    • 1x metal French foot commander
    • 1x metal British foot commander
    • Bases for all above models
    • Six d6
    • Card playsheet & casualty markers
    NB: Models are supplied unbuilt & unpainted.
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    Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game – Core Starter Box

    The Wizarding World: a place of wonder and magic, where fantasy becomes reality. Here, amidst the towering spires of Hogwarts Castle, in the vaults of the Goblin-run Gringott's Bank, or lurking in the shadows of Knockturn Alley, witches, wizards and fantastic beasts work their charms, invisible to the Muggle world beyond. Wonders indeed are to be found here, but great danger, too. Although the Ministry of Magic strives to keep the world safe, it is clear that the Dark Lord Voldemort has returned, and he poses the greatest threat the world has ever known... The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game is a board game for two or more players, each taking control of a set of finely detailed resin miniatures, representing their faction, or group, of witches and wizards. In the game, players must outmanoeuvre their opponents, resolve a variety of challenges and objectives, make clever use of potions and artefacts, and, of course, unleash a dizzying array of spells in order to win the day. The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game, contains a huge variety of meticulously detailed miniatures, allowing fans of the cinematic saga to collect, paint and play with their favourite characters.
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    Battle of Stalingrad War on the Eastern Front (Flames of War)

    Stalingrad is your introduction to the exciting world of Flames Of War, the world's most popular World War II miniatures game. The Flames Of War 'Start Here' booklet is designed to get you playing Flames Of War as soon as possible. Glue your tanks together, grab some dice, a tape measure and an opponent and follow the instructions in this booklet to play a simple game. Once you get the hang of the basic rules in this booklet, you can delve into the full rules and start playing larger, more detailed games. Once you've played a few games and have a solid grasp of the rules you might find yourself wanting to expand your force with infantry, artillery, aircraft, or even a second unit of tanks! Flames Of War has rules and models that cover all of this, and more.
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